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About Me

Nice, too have you here!

I’m Stella, a food lover living in Vienna, working as a Product Manger for a leading food retailer in Austria. I created this platform around 4 years ago giving me the possibility to merged my passion for food and food photography.

Ever since I can remember, there was one constant that my family life seemed to revolve around: food. Whether it was deciding what we should eat, how we should prepare it or where we buy ingredients: food was seen as fundamental to the quality of life, even if it was just a simple thing such as a perfect soft boiled egg.

Through pursuing this passion, I developed a fascination that allowed me to live my creativity in the kitchen. So I quickly established my own perspective on food, emphasizing the use of wholesome, consciously sourced ingredients.

I also love to travel and one of the most fascinating things is the variety of different food one finds in each country – its basically culture you can taste and the fact that food can bring people together from all around the world is more than mind blowing ♥