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International Coffee Day – Qbo Coffee

International Coffee Day is a global celebration for the most favorite beverage around the world. In order to honor this drink to the fullest, I testes the coffee machine from Qbo. For all those coffee addicts out there: I can assure you that this machine will magically conjure any coffee-the perfect fit for every moment.

If you’re either the type of person who loves less coffee and loads of milk or rather loads of coffee with cold foam or a simple strong espresso, Qbo will individually create it for you. My favorite way to drink coffee varies, depending what cravings I have. Either a really good, super short double Espresso after dinner or a Latte Macchiato for breakfast.

Moreover, I can fully support the capsules since they do not only carry 7,5 g certified sustainable coffee but also, they are made out of 100 % recyclable material and no aluminum. This fact is indeed important to me since aluminum capsule use valuable, energy-intense resources. That’s just bad.

Not only do I love the minimalistic design of the machine but the coffee is unexpectedly delicious. Best of all is that the machine comes with a Smartphone App, where you can become coffee creative or even make your favorite coffee in bed. So its ideal if you’re not just yet in the mood to stand up but rather want to stay in bed for another few minutes- definitely an idea on how I am planning to do things!

If you guys want to soak up further information on the Qbo Principle please check out this link.