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Uber Eats-30 Minute Baking Challenge

Cooking – not only does it inspire us, but also it provides wonderful opportunities to let your thoughts wander. Obviously, I enjoy spending a mindful time in the kitchen, taking it slow while shopping for the freshest ingredients around town and daring to enter a odd looking supermarket. This is my setup to create tasteful and exciting recipes and to never get bored of it.

However, ordering food at a delivery service is always an experience on its own. What I particularly enjoy about it is the fact that for once, I did not cook myself. Sometimes, especially after a long day at work, a delicious meal prepared by someone else goes a long way. You know.

Who remembers the days when ordering food was mostly Chinese take-out or cold and wobbly pizza? This belongs to the past. Thanks to athletic delivery guys/women supported by a fancy algorithm, we can enjoy delivery food while it is actually still warm and fresh.

Especially since you have one Website where you have a variety of restaurants to choose from. This mostly means that you are able to order whatever you are craving in just THAT moment. If you’re either into healthy wholesome food, vegan food or you want to order the best sushi in town, Everyone will find its match. Last weekend Uber Eats  challenged me to prepare a desert while I was waiting for my delivery. So I made this mouthwatering  Warm Liquid Center Chocolate Cake in just about 30 min. When the sushi arrived. it was pure happiness. Not only because I love Sushi but also because I could share it with my boyfriend and eat up the cake. Ubereats is one of those delivering companies who just make a few things easier in life- especially on a chilled-out Saturday.